My child is on the cusp of age ranges. Which program should they join?

We are flexible with the age range of our classes. If your child is right at the end of 7-13 or beginning of 14-20, please contact with information about your child. We can help determine what might be a better fit for them.

What is the student to counselor ratio?

We aim to have around a 3:1 student to counselor ratio. There is a tech teacher in the room who leads the class, tech counselors, and a social worker.

Do you provide transportation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any form of transportation to and from the program.

Do you provide financial aid?

Yes! This form can be filled out above. We do not provide full financial aid. The financial aid will be a percentage off of the program’s costs. Once filled out, we will get back to you if eligible and provide a discount code which you can use when checking out. Please do not register prior to hearing back about financial aid.

What’s a typical program like? Will there be breaks?

During our Sunday programs we learn a project-based topic led by an experienced tech teacher with support in the room. We have a break at the end of the workshop where kids eat and socialize together. For our weeklong programs, we have many breaks throughout the day. Lunch is not provided for weeklong or day long programs.

Does my child need to have tech experience?

Your child definitely doesn’t need to have any tech experience before joining our program. Our differentiated curriculum allows all levels of experience to get something out of our program.

How do I know if TKU is right for my child?

Tech Kids Unlimited is designed for children ages 7-20 years of age who have been diagnosed with learning and emotional disabilities such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, OCD, Executive Processing and Dyslexia.

Students don’t need any previous tech knowledge to attend.  TKU students usually attend private schools for students with disabilities, are home-schooled, go to non-public schools as well as the NYC Department of Education’s ASD NEST program.  Most students have an IEP or a 504 Plan.  Students should be able to function in a classroom-like environment and work mostly independently.

We understand that TKU students will need additional help and support, and we have staff to make sure they can succeed.  At this time, we cannot accommodate non-verbal students. If you have further questions about finding out if Tech Kids Unlimited is the right program for your child, please email: