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Resources for Educators

We would love it if our experience and expertise can help bring our model to classrooms around the world!

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Founder/director Beth Rosenberg has spoken and given lectures at many conferences and events including the Mozilla Inclusion Summit, YAI Disability Conference, Cornell Tech Computer Conference, and more.
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Online Curriculum

TKU is currently developing online curriculum and webinars for the education community.
Check out our special needs HTML curriculum.
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These online video courses are a set of 6 tutorial videos created for teens and by teens with special needs. These videos are a tool for students to gain the technology and computer science skills they need to reinforce their learning and enter the STEM field.

Video Editing

Game Design

Web Design

ConnectAbilities Curriculum

These curriculum documents were designed as a guide on how to teach technology to special needs youth. They cover in-depth technology practices for different topics.

*These curriculum documents were created with the support of the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund

Stop Motion Animation and Audio

Podcasting and Video Animation

ConnectAbilities Curriculum - Tech Kids Unlimited

Resources for Parents - Tech Kids Unlimited

Resources for Parents

At TKU, we are interested in providing resources for our parent/caregiver community.

Meryl Alper: Mobile Communication, Disability, And Inequality

Meryl Alper discusses her work with TKU. See Willa Rubin’s write up on the talk here.

Life Planning for an Individual with a Disability

Ezekiel Zimmerman talked with our parents about life planning for an individual with disabilities. Download Ezekiel’s presentation here.

Teaching Strategies for Students with ASD

TKU writer Willa Rubin attended a talk with self-advocate, Professor Stephen Shore. See her write up on the talk here.

Encouraging Behaviors in ASD: Bribes vs. Rewards.

Licensed Social Worker Amanda Gabel talked with our parents about bribes vs. rewards. Download Amanda’s presentation here.