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An image of a blue and red bird on a green background.
By: Maya J., Digital Illustrations
Brown background with clip art of fall leaves and a green wreath. "Thank You" is written in the center using a handwritten font style.
By: Caroline Y.
Design a Thanksgiving Greeting
Animation of a face changing.
By: Sean R., Digital Animation
A nine-panel comic telling the story of a mad scientist.
By: Ayden V., Digital Art
An animated carrot's leaves suddenly get cut down, and they say, "Phew! Just a haircut!"
By: Fran D., Memes & Gifs
An animated pixel drawing of a butterfly undergoes various changes.
By: Ian V., Pixel Art Character
A photo of the sky edited with three goldfish flying. Tinted pink/red.
By: Iylah B., Graphic Design & Photo Editing
Various pixel drawing of school supplies including a notebook, a pencil, a floppy disk, two keys, and a sandwich. Each object is presented in an independent frame.
By: Leo F., Art for Games
A digitally drawn recreation of the 20th Century Fox logo.
By: Dante B., Digital Art
An image of flowers in a vase generated by AI.
By: Ansony Z.
Make Art with Artificial Intelligence
A game layout with a main sprite of a frog in the center of an open field on a bright day.
By: Cara H., Code Digital Arts
A start page for a game featuring 3 characters in the game floating in space.
By: Ean R., Storytelling with Games
A digitally drawn animation depicting a festive character putting eyes on a gingerbread cookie.
By: Alex L., Winter Inspired Animations
An image of Mario generated by an artificial intelligence model.
By: Aaron J.F., Making Art with Artificial Intelligence
A single comic frame with three different panels.
By: Emily G., Digital Comics and Illustrations
A digitally drawn animation of a character squeeing another character repeatedly with different degrees of force, causing the squeezed character's eyes to bulge.
By: Justin M., Digital Animations
A digitally drawn animation of a waterfall
By: Lilian L., Digital Animations
A drawing of two characters sitting in a field watching birds in the sky.
By: Maxwell T., Art for Games
A bar graph and pie chart illustrating statistics about Disney movies,
By: Miguel M., Data and Design
A digitally drawn animation of red leaves falling against a blue background.
By: Simon L., Animate a Fall Scene
An image of a pixel art character who is a dog wearing  a green and yellow outfit.
By: Steven V., Make a Pixel Art Character
An animated gif following a red bouncing ball as it falls from the sky and bounces its way to a character playing basketball, who then scores by dunking the ball into the hoop.
By: Xio M., Animation
An animated gif of stars appearing above the moon.
By: John J., Digital Animation
A photo manipulation of various abnormally colored fish under the sea.
By: Xavier A., Graphic Design & Photo Editing
Saumya's TKU Crisp Internship page on her website.
Saumya D.  Summer 2021 CRISP Internship with Brooklyn Haberdashery
Nolan's TKU CRISP Internship work page on his website.
Nolan D.  Summer 2021 CRISP Internship with Tech Policy Press
Ellie's TKU CRISP Internship work page on her website.
Ellie S. Summer 2021 CRISP Internship with Arts on The Lake
Leilah's TKU CRISP Internship work page on their website.
Leilah W..  Summer 2021 CRISP Internship with Heightsites
Aaron's TKU CRISP Internship work page on his website.
Aaron J.F., Summer 2021 CRISP Internship with Deaf Kids Code
Sam's TKU CRISP Internship work page on his website.
Sam F. Summer 2021 CRISP Internship with Beanz Magazine

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