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Digital Storytelling

During our Sunday session, our TKU youth group worked on creating a digital story using Scratch, a drag and drop… Read more »

Code a Winter Card

During this Sunday session, our youth students at TKU used code to create digital winter cards and in a program… Read more »

A Day Passing By

“A Day Passing By” by James

“A Day Passing By” was made by Tech Kid James during one of our summer stop motion animation sessions in… Read more »

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Remix a Song

During our Sunday session, our TKU youth class worked on remixing songs. For this weekend workshop, the students learned how… Read more »

Jack o' lantern overlaid over Sonic Pi Code

Coding Haunted House Sounds with Sonic Pi

During a weekend workshop, our students created spooky sounds with Sonic Pi, a live coding environment based on Ruby. All… Read more »